Marshlanders a human cuture for Fantasy FATE

Am working on the magical careers of Approximated Fray / Fantasy Fate. I find the FATE System Toolkit to be a very well written piece of material and I will use some of it but tweak it a lot in addition to adding some material.

There will be no magical healing in the world being created, there will be healers, proto-physicians of sorts, that can aid with healing between scenes but no magical healing or healing potions to create a less high fantasy world making injuries more gruesome and hence fighting more dangerous.

Am also getting close to putting all of the material into a pdf to make the material more accessible to other FATE enthusiasts.

But before starting with the magical careers I have created three different human cultures to populate the north west along with the Dwarves, Wolfmen and Halflings. The first of them to be published here are the ill-fated Marshlanders.


Around a hundred years ago the lands between the Deepmire Fen and Deepsilver Mountains was known as Arin Ile, a united kingdom with well tended roads, opulent fields and thriving towns. Today few even remember the name of Arin Ile and civil wars, raiding Lizardmen and the growing Deep Mire Fen have left the former kingdom a bereft and poor area, usually called the Marshlands.

Civilization does exist in form of smaller towns and villages and in some parts a local order is a frail establishment under a local lord. Oppression and the law of the strong are more often than not the two systems of government used.

The Marshlanders are the close descendants of the people of Arin Ile and carry their features – usually black hair or dark brown hair, slightly darker skin tones, light blue or green eyes with lightly yellow eyes no longer being extremely rare. The men often wear beards and the girls a single braid down their backs. Given the harsh lives lived in the Marshlands many looks rugged and untidy.

Marshlanders tends to be hot tempered, rancorous and distrustful of strangers. But once somebody is accepted as a family member, distant relative, friend or even a trading partner of good reputation they are very protective of them. They hate Lizardmen more than any other inhabitant of the north west.

They view the Wolfmen of Deep Silver Mountains with great respect as they are fearsome warriors and never caused the Marshlanders any problems. They also value the trade they can do with them as they are among the few that dares to travel far in the Marshlands.

The Dwarfs are considered as stable bunch of beer loving, perhaps greedy, merchants but very few Marshlanders have seen one. The last Halflings have left the Marshlands a generation ago but are still kept in fond memories trough stories and songs. Marshlanders consider them lucky and keeping a Halfling close will guarantee good fortunes. Unfortunately there are no Halflings to be found in the Marchlands.

The people of the Blue Kingdom are considered a fortunate but dull and haughty lot. Yet many Marshlanders that knows of the lands on the other side of the Great Lake dream of it. Many have been forced to make the dream a reality and now live as refugees, poor fishers or in the slums of the towns of The Blue Kingdom.

The few Marshlanders that have met a Northman respect them greatly for their candour and toughness.

Marshlander commoner

The Marshlander commoners live in the small villages or towns in The Marshlands. Live is usually a struggle but in towns under some sort of leadership and with some protection it is at least an organised struggle.

Marshlander commoners from small villages tend to be a tight knit group who watch each other’s backs at all times but even in the tightest group there is not always food or housing to go around and younger siblings often take to the roads, often heading west and it is not unheard of for younger siblings to become adventurers.

Suggested aspects: “Hot tempered”, “Rancorous”, “Distrustful of strangers”, “Does what it takes to get food on the table” or perhaps “Thirsts for Lizardmen blood”

Background skills: Cunning, Endurance or Subterfuge

Suggested career pats: Fighter, Peltast, Scout, Thief or Thug

Marshlander refugee

Many Marshlanders have emigrated, at best, or fled to the relative safety of The Blue Kingdom. Here they most often found in harbour towns, the capital, and, in smaller groups, in a few coastal villages. They are tolerated at best by the local population but most often considered thieves, hot tempered troublemakers, rude, no-good loiterers and illiterate savages.

They usually live in the slums or on the outskirts of the villages and try to eke out a living as peons, tanners, handymen, fishermen, sailors or just about anything to get food on the table like thieves and thugs (thus confirming the label set upon them).

Given their slim chances of making a much better life for themselves a few have set themselves upon the path of becoming adventurers.

Suggested aspects: “Hot tempered”, “Rancorous”, “Distrustful of strangers”, “Does what it takes to get food on the table”, “Love for coin” or “The manners of a goat”.

Background skills: Cunning, Larceny or Subterfuge

Suggested career pats: Fghter, Peltast, Scoundrel, Soldier, Thief or Thug

Marshland savage

The harsh life in the Marshlands have taken its toll on civilized life and many Marshlanders have taken to a life in the wild, in the forests and in the marshes. Living a semi nomadic life in simple huts or makeshift houses isolated from other groups living the same way they live a dog-eat-dog life. Some live off hunting and scavenging. Most prey on other smaller groups in the same situation, attacking underarmed travellers, raiding villages and fighting Lizardmen.

They stay alive by keeping hidden, retreating into well hidden retreats in the wild and often moving about and change locations. They often have to fight Lizardmen and if all Marshlanders hate Lizardmen, the Marshland savages hate them the most. They often turn to hunt them if they find a weaker tribe or group.

The term savage is perhaps a bit harsh but living out in the wild, often attacking travellers without remorse and often being illiterate the term have stuck. Strangers have no mercy to be expected and the lands the Marshland savages live in are lawless. There are also rumours that some Marshland savages actually are in league with the Lizardmen.

Suggested aspects: “Hot tempered”, “Rancorous”, “Distrustful of strangers”, “Does what it takes to get food on the table”, “Burning hatred of Lizardmen”, “Born in the Wilderness” or “The manners of a goat”.

Background skills: Endurance, Nature or Subterfuge

Suggested career pats: Fighter, Peltast, or Thug

This work is Copyright (C) 2014 Approximated Fray.

This work is based on Fate Core System and Fate Accelerated Edition (found at, products of Evil Hat Productions, LLC, developed, authored, and edited by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin, Mike Olson, Clark Valentine, Amanda Valentine, Fred Hicks, and Rob Donoghue, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (

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