Dwarfs for Fantasy FATE

Have spent some time on a game world for the Fantasy FATE adaptation and will make my previous generic backgrounds etc more specific for the game world that I am creating the outlines of.

The Dwarfs are first out and hopefully one of the three human backgrounds will be next. Also have those last two mundane careers to post as well.


The dwarves once ruled the continent. They had not only rich mines but also controlled all but the sea going trade. Travel over the continent was, and is, dangerous and onerous but the dwarfs provided an alternative for a fee -The Dwarven Deep Roads. Deep below the surface long underground tunnels stretched from bigger towns to mining complex and other points of interest. The system was vast and kept as secret as possible through magic and blindfolds.

During the Great War the dwarves hid it away and kept the locations of the secret entrances known only to a few elders. Still parts of the system was found so the dwarves lay waste large parts of the system rather than having the enemy find or use it.

In the later stages of the Great War the dwarves became divided, and whatever the reasons where, the dwarves with the knowledge of the Dwarven Deep Roads withdrew further into the mountains and deeper underground never to be seen again and the dwarves seen today remained on the surface or in shallower running mountain abodes.

The secret of the The Dwarven Deep Roads was hence lost as the dwarves that decided to remain under ground took to the deeps and severed all ties with the dwarves that chose to remain close to or on the surface. The dwarfs of the north west are the “surface dwelling” dwarfs, deeply affected by the loss of their Dwarven Deep Roads and the loss of their empire as what remained after the Great War crumbled without the backbone of the Dwarven Deep Roads.

Dwarf are short, stout and grumpy and have a lifespan of around 150 years. Typically they are equipped with long well-kept beards and axes. Most of them count the Spider Mountains as their home, but they always refer to them as “the Hills” and are offended by any other name of it. Their main income in the Elderhood of the Hills is the fees charged for travelling the well guarded Great Door Pass, the western gate of the Blue Kingdom.

Dwarfs are very suspicious of strangers and often grumpy and laconic. These traits grows stronger the older a dwarf becomes and hence most adventurers, traders and explorers are younger dwarfs. The loss of their treasures and the Deep Roads runs deep in the dwarven minds. Finding the Dwarven Deep Roads is the holy grail of all surface dwelling dwarves.

The Deep Roads are not the only thing calling for the dwarfs, they also love gold and riches in general and for some dwarfs it turns into an obsession that slowly take over their lives.

The dwarfs loathe the Lizardmen but seldom encounter them as the Lizardmen never ventures into dwarven lands. Humans, especially those of the Blue Kingdom are regarded as good trading partners but the dwarfs perceive them as short sighted and rootless, often seeing and handling them a subtle hint of well meaning condescendence. Halflings are regarded and treated as small bewildered children. The dwarfs seem to be puzzled and almost a bit shy towards Wolfmen on the few occasions they meet them.

If you are to play a dwarf you can choose from three different backgrounds for your dwarf from the Elderhood of the Hills.

Town dwarf

You have grown up in a town or settlement where you parents are either craftsmen or merchants. You are a second or third generation “surface dwelling” dwarf. Most likely you grew up in a normal human house adapted for your parents somewhat shorter build. You are well acquainted with humans and Halflings though you still prefer your own kind. For all your adaptation to the life in a town with humans you long for something more and the mountains seem to call to you.

Suggested aspects: “Longing for the Deep Roads”, “The way it was done in the days of old” and “Love of gold”.

Background skills: Charm, Resources or Will

Suggested career pats: Merchant, Raconteur, Scholar, or Soldier

Dwarf from the Hills

You have grown up in the Elderdoom of the Hills but often travelled with your family to nearby towns to sell goods or buy supplies. Hill dwarfs often go on almost religious searches for the forgotten entries in old ruins and abandoned mines and you might have gone on such an expedition or two.

You are a second or third generation dwarf living “on the surface” even though you probably have a home in some mountain hall close to the Great Door Pass. The life in the Hills have left you yearning for something more, adventure and to travel more and further.

Your travels have somewhat acquainted you to humans and life outside of the halls though you do prefer the company of dwarfs before others. Halflings are amusing but tiresome but you have grown used to some contact with them.

Suggested aspects: “Longing for the Deep Roads”, “The way it was done in the days of old” “Hates Lizardmen” and “Love of gold”.

Background skills: Journey, Perception, Resources or Will

Suggested career pats: Fighter, Merchant, Scout

Dwarf from the mines

You are a child of the most secluded of the dwarfs – the dwarfs that mine deep into the Spider Mountains, or the Hills, as the dwarfs refer to them. It is a hard life and the mining dwarfs are driven by their lust for gold or the hopes of stumbling on the Dwarven Deep Roads.

The mining dwarfs deals only with their own kind and is highly suspicions of any others. Most live from mining the mountains and are often obsessed by the fought of gold and finding the lost highway. A few lives from crafting and trading with the dwarfs living by the Great Door Pass. All have to fight of spider invasions from time to time.

You might have been sent out on a mission or found that you wanted something more out of your life, another way to find riches than mining the mountain.

Suggested aspects: “Searching for the Deep Roads”, “The way it was done in the days of old”, “There is only one way to treat an outsider”, “Hates Spiders” and “Love of gold”.

Background skills: Fight, Perception, Resources or Will

Suggested career pats: Fighter, Scout and Soldier

This work is Copyright (C) 2014 Approximated Fray.

This work is based on Fate Core System and Fate Accelerated Edition (found at http://www.faterpg.com/), products of Evil Hat Productions, LLC, developed, authored, and edited by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin, Mike Olson, Clark Valentine, Amanda Valentine, Fred Hicks, and Rob Donoghue, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/).

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