Three more careers for a FATE Fantasy world

Three more careers

In addition to the three below scoundrel, scout, thug, thief, soldier, scholar, raconteur and woodsman is in progress.


An archer is a bowman in armed service either as part of a regiment or as a mercenary. They fight using their advantage in range and prefer to stay out of the melee and behind the Fighters and Soldiers. They bring the skills of an auxiliary soldier, including carousing.

Primary Skills: Shoot and Endurance

Secondary skills: Athletics, Fight, and Journeying

Suggested skills: Charm, Contacts, Cunning, Perception and Subterfuge


A dedicated killer that for some reason have murder as his way of life.

Primary Skills: Athletics, Fight and Subterfuge

Secondary skills: Endurance, Larceny, Perception and Shoot

Suggested skills: Charm, Contacts, Cunning, and Will


The Peltasts are javelin throwers that prefer to skirmish by throwing spears and falling back in to the terrain or behind lines of soldiers. They can be part of a regular army or irregular forces or just free agents looking for work. Though not scouts in any way they are often sent off to scout ahead of an army and if not part of an army they often need to spend their nights in the wild giving them some limited wilderness skills unattainable by a Soldier.

Primary Skills: Athletics, Endurance and Shoot

Secondary skills: Fight, Journeying, Perception, and Subterfuge

Suggested skills: Contacts, Cunning, and Will

This work is Copyright (C) 2014 Approximated Fray.

This work is based on Fate Core System and Fate Accelerated Edition (found at, products of Evil Hat Productions, LLC, developed, authored, and edited by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin, Mike Olson, Clark Valentine, Amanda Valentine, Fred Hicks, and Rob Donoghue, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (

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