Careers aka classes for FATE Fantasy

So in the endeavor to adapt FATE to my kind of Fantasy I’ve been working on some career options to have every player have a niche and his/her moments to shine in different parts of the game. There is also some rule mechanics to make it so. More careers to be posted soon.

The Career Path Concepts

In order to give every player a chance to shine and avoid the entropic selection of skills that commonly arise from keeping all choices unrestricted the skill selection is restricted by a number of classes representing typical archetypes of occupations in a heroic fantasy setting. They can also serve as guidelines for what to play for players needing a template or idea support and is part of describing the game world.

The Career paths also restrict some of the skill stunts presented in the Skills section further on.

Primary Skills

The Primary Skills represents the most defining skill for the selected career path. When assigning skills these are the ones that are totally unrestricted when it comes to the skill level allowed for the character. One of these skills will be the skill the character has the highest rank in. The character is allowed to have the same rank in all of her primary skills but is not required to.

Secondary skills

These are the skills that make up the career path together with the primary skills but not as paramount or defining as the primary skills. These skills must always have a lower rank than the primary skill with the highest rank.

Suggested skills

These are skills that can be part of the career paths skill set but they are not core skills. As such they are not allowed to be at a higher rank than one lower than the highest level of Secondary Skill of the character.

Maria decides to select the Career Path of Merchant for Vigdis. From the Primary Skills she chooses  Journeying at Great (+4) and Charm at Good (+3). Since she wants Vigdis, a strong northern woman, to be able to hold her own in melee she chooses Fighting, a secondary skill, at Good (+3) as well. This is ok since it is one step lower than her best Primary Skill.

She then selects Cunning, Perception and Nature at Fair (+2). Since her best secondary skill is at Good (+3) the selection of a Suggested Skill, Nature, at Fair (+2) is legal. She then picks her Average (+1) skills; Resources, Contacts, Cunning and Empathy.

The Long Game, Milestones and Skill Columns

For the long game the rules of requiring as many skills of the rank below a certain rank is removed.

The Career Paths

The Career Paths are setup to emulate different occupations and means of eeking out a living in a low magic fantasy setting. There are currently no magical Career Paths but we intend to add them later when we have set on a rules concept for magic. We intend to have a darker taint on magic, no priest but druids. No D&D bards.


The Barbarians live in family groups or tribes in the wild often far from any form of civilisation. They live of what they can hunt or gather from nature and perhaps from raiding nearby settlements.

The skill set acquired is derived from this background and includes hiding, athletics and sneaking.

When they fight they have little regard for their own safety but are also cunning and like to attack from ambush or with an element of surprise. The barbarians in Fray are a combination of Native American Indians and Vikings (and not so much a steroid template Conan).

Primary Skills: Endurance, Fight and Nature

Secondary skills: Athletics, Perception, Shoot, and Will

Suggested skills: Cunning, Respect and Subterfuge


A Fighter is a blade for hire or a man at arms going his own way. They are not necessary mercenaries but can very well be.

Primary Skills: Athletics, Fight and Strength

Secondary skills: Endurance, Journeying, Respect, and Shoot

Suggested skills: Charm, Contacts, Cunning, and Will


The ones handling the specialised trade in the world. A merchant can be rich or poor and it can change quickly. Merchants often learn some fighting skills as a matter of necessity

Primary Skills: Charm, Contacts, Cunning, Journeying, and Resources

Secondary skills: Empathy, Fight, Perception and Subterfuge

Suggested skills: Lore and Nature

More careers classes is under production…

This work is Copyright (C) 2014 Approximated Fray.

This work is based on Fate Core System and Fate Accelerated Edition (found at, products of Evil Hat Productions, LLC, developed, authored, and edited by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin, Mike Olson, Clark Valentine, Amanda Valentine, Fred Hicks, and Rob Donoghue, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license (

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