Effects of dying or getting knocked out

Most players does not like to have their characters killed in every confrontation and then be forced to go through the character creation process over and over again.

On the other hand if getting killed or knocked out means absolutely nothing some of the tension in combat will be lost.

In order to balance these I am considering to enter a system into the AF rules that means when a creature have lost all it’s fatigue and turned Quadruple Hurt and consequently falling unconscious they will get some sort of permanent impairment from this.

Got the idea for this from this discussion at Lost Worlds regarding the Crit Deck (on the subject of a Crit Deck it to seems like a tool for more variation in D&D but borders on turning it Rolemasterish).

The way I am considering it is; when the Scene in which the Creature, usually Player Character, falls down Quadrouple Hurt and Unconscious is closed, a Card is drawn.

The Card is drawn from a deck of disadvantage cards (another concept I will elaborate a bit on and introduce) with cards appropriate for a Creature that has been seriously hurt (but not killed).

The idea is that the Game Master can then play this card “against” the player at a dramatically right time in the Story. This will give a real game and roleplay effect of having been really close to death but still does not kill Player Characters left and right. It will probably turn players a bit more cautious and make them consider their moves a bit more.

Examples of effects:

Animosity The Creature gets -2 to any action concerning the the kind of Creature that hurt him.
Bad eye sight The Creature will get -2 to all attacks with range Adjecent Area or LoS
Blurred vision The Creature will get -2 on all Spot checks
Clumsy Any attempts at stealth or hiding will be done at -2
Dizzyness The Creature turns Dazed
Facial scar The Creature will get -2 to Social skills except Intimidate that is done at +1
Hamfisted Any action requiering fine motor skills, including fireing a bow will be done at -2
Hard of hearing The Creature will get -2 to all attempts to Listen
Headaches The Creature gets -2 to any mental Action
Painful limp All move more than one Area will be cancelled
Periodic pain The Creature will get -2 to to any physical action that is done for an extended period of time (forced march, climbing a cliff face to the top, running etc)
Sharp pain The Creature gets -2 to any physical action like jumping or balancing
Unhealed wound When the Creature gets Wounded there is a one in four chance that one additional wound will be bestowed on the Creature

This is in no way an exhaustive list, any suggestions on more effects are welcomed, as are any comment on the subject.

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