Fatigue – Revisited

Fatigue in Approximated Fray is a composite concept representing the ability to narrowly escape potentially deadly blows, the physical aspect of a Creatures fighting spirit and its ability to accomplish extraordinary feats. In game terms Fatigue is a number of points that can be used in three different ways.

Fatigue instead of injury

Fatigue represents a Creatures ability to avoid certain death from falling boulders, swooping axes or burning fires. The Creature seems to be able to dodge or otherwise avoid the danger and escape unharmed.

Whenever a Creature with fatigue gets hit and should have sustained injury the Creature can choose to reduce his Fatigue by one for each Hurt sustained.

Fatigue as fighting spirit

The current Fatigue score in any Scene is dependent on how big a toll the events leading up to the Scene have taken off the Creature. Mishaps like lack of sleep, bad weather during a long march or great food in good lodgings affect the Creatures current Fatigue Score as well as the weight of the armour, weapons and equipment that he carries around.

Fatigue for extraordinary feats

All Creatures with Fatigue can also use it to accomplish extraordinary feats by investing them in the effort they are attempting.

A Creature can invest one point of Fatigue after the d12 roll is made in order to get to roll a d4 to add to the total score. Only one point can be spent on each d12 roll.

Some Cards have a special effect if a Fatigue point is invested in the use. To invoke this effect the cards is played with an effect token on it during the Staging Phase.

Fatigue can be regained using several Cards, most commonly by using the Card Second Wind. This card can be played in a Roleplay Scene as well symbolizing the Creature sitting down for one round in order to catch up or catch his breath.

Lost Fatigue can be regained by using, among other, the Card second wind.

Calculating Fatigue

Player Characters start out with eight Fatigue point. The number of Fatigue points in the beginning of any given scene is calculated using the below modifiers. Creatures have individual Fatigue scores. Fatigue can never fall below zero.

Helmet -1
Light armour -1
Heavy armour -2
High spirit 1
Misserable -1
Small shield -1
Large shield -2
Light gear -1
Heavy gear -2
One handed weapon 0
Two handed weapon -1
More than three weapons (A shield is a weapon, throwing spears are also counted as one weapon) -1

A warrior carrying a large shield, light armour and a two handed spear will have a Fatigue of 4, a high spirited halfling with a dagger and light wandering gear will have a Fatigue of eight while a miserable dwarf in helmet and heavy armour, Large shield on his back and a two-handed axe as well as a hand axe in his belt and a large dagger in his boot will have a fatigue of zero. If the dwarf have carried his heavy gear or not makes no difference for the fatigue score.

Throwing helmet or shield in combat

As long as a player have the Card for his shield or helmet he can chose to discard it in order to get back a point of Fatigue in order to spend it in the very same round to do an extraordinary feat (there will be cards for one-handed weapon, two handed weapon, shield etc soon). The ability to discard the Shield or Helmet Card applies only to those two pieces of equipment in a combat Scenario.

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