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Opposite Effects

If a Creature is affected by two Effects that modifies the same Action, e.g. Exposed and Protected they will cancel each other out.

A Double Exposed Creature who receives a Protected Effect will become Exposed as the Protect will cancel out one Exposed.

A Creature that is Protected and then gets hit by something causing him to become Double Exposed will only become Exposed.


Having two identical Cards

There should be no way that the Character can acquire the same Card twice and thus have two identical Cards in his hand (especially considering the rule upgrading the Choise of Card representing Skills).

There are however certain circumstances that possibly can allow the creature to have two identical Cards.

The Creature can them choose to play them separately, typically for a +2 bonus to something, or to play them at the same time and hence get both bonuses added to the Resolve of his Action, typically +4.

Sidebar: Orcs

The Orcs in Approximated Fray are in no way beginner level cannon fodder. The Orcs of Approximated Fray are tough fearsome foes that easily kill an opponent of same or lower level. The “easiest” Orc is a level three Orcish Serf and very seldom encountered alone. An Orc War Chief is a Level eight Creature and a fearsome foe for any Party.

An equal number of Orcs of the same level as the Party will be a significant challenge leading often leading to the incapacitation of one or more of the Party’s members before the encounter is over.

Orcs are fearsome in combat and can a band of Orcs could easily lay waste a number of villages and match a contingent of soldiers sent to protect the villages both in a stand up battle as well as in devious surplice assaults.

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