Tougher and differentiated Creatures

Creature enhancement

Out of all wolfs in the world some grow to become large and dangerous, aggressive and fierce or maybe cunning and devious. The same goes for almost all kinds of animals, monsters and creatures.

To represent this there is the concept of Creature enhancement in the form of “packages” that can be added to the Creatures template. A Hound enhanced with the feral “package” will be a much more dangerous foe than a normal hound but some enhancements will make the Creature act in other ways than the normal specimen of the same race would.

Below are two detailed with short descriptions and Card specifications.


Feral Creatures are those who have left civilization if they ever had any or domesticated animals that have returned into the wild.

Cards: 13 Mighty blow, 171 Threaten, 195 Sylvan shrouding,

The Creature also gains Endurance II and if he already has this Card or an Endurance Card of higher Bonus he gains the next higher Card available.


Savage Creatures are the one forsaking al civilisation or become more fierce than any of their kind.

Cards:14 Wild attack, 52 Quick Charge, 75 Long charge, 181 Competent climber, 182 Skilful jump,191 Aggressive attack, 236 Threatening

The Creature also gains Endurance II and Strength II and if he already have these Cards, or one of them, he gains the next Card in the same family available.

Future developments:

Aquatic – a Creature that runs the risk of turning ridiculous (Aquatic Skeleton anyone? Aquatic Gigantic Cod?) is intended to approximate a Creature that for some reason made water its habitat and adapted to it. It will get 206 Natural swimmer but most likely a few more.

 Draconic – a creature with traits of a Dragon

 Artic – living in extreme cold

 Gigantic – Larger  version of the base Creature

 Suggestions anyone?

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