Backgrounds – First draft

Finding some time to write so I might as well post some of the stuff done today.

A Players Character in Approximated Fray is designed from three main choices:

Class/Career path (still not certain on the term to use) representing the occupation, career or class of the character.

Background representing where the character was brought up and the skills that brought him.

Ancestry – basically the race of the character but a human brought up by wood elves should be able to choose those cards from this ancestry that are not physical/genetic traits.

The choices made determines what cards the character can have.


The artisans are the craftsmen usually living in cities, towns or larger villages, and this background also include merchants. The artisans of simple professions might not be rich but they are not poor either, black smiths can do well and jewellers are usually very well of. The cards selectable made available by this class includes skills for haggling, appraising and urban living.


Being brought up in the higher strata of social life a creature with the Noble backgroung can read, ride, knows his history and geography and can easely impress those of lower statue.


Those of magical upbringing have served as apprentices to a wizard or helped brewing potions or served as the handmaiden of a witch. Somehow they have gotten a glimpse in to the workings of magic. The skills learned from such a background are scholastic skills such as nature, history, geography, arcane and most are literate.


The paupers are the poorest people living in a town or a city. They survive by doing odd jobs like tanning and refuse collectors or by begging. Growing up in such an environment skills like hiding, larceny, intimidation and throwing stones are quickly learnt.


The rural background represents an upbringing in a countryside village in the forests or open farmlands. With a rural upbringing the skills of hiding in the wild, jumping and climbing as well as gossiping, poaching and throwing the odd stone is available. The rural upbringing can be one as a poor farmhands son to the daughter of a well-to-do farmer.


With a background as a scholar the creature grew up in an envoiroment made up of academics or public servants. This allows for the choise of skills among academic skills, and also allows the creature to be literate.


The Townsman background covers all non-academic but qualified occupations like merchants, artisans, craftsmen and innkeepers. They live and work in cities or towns and have their gathered a skill set that can include haggling, social skills, literacy and some academic skills as well. A townsman can however be both rich and poor.


Choosing this background the creature has grown up as part of a barbaric or nomadic tribe with little contact with civilization. Perception, hiding, sneaking and nature skills as well as advantages in rough terrain and playing dead to avoid wild animals are benefits from such an upbringing.

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